Aug 6

Sprak’s free

Due to some problems that appeared in recent OS updates from Apple, that we are unable to solve, we’ve decided to lower the price to Free.




Jan 6

Tinkering with a little monome emulator

We’ve been tinkering with making a little monome MIDI-compatible ios app. Is something you’all be interested in us to polish up and publish?

Dec 12

the prettiest iPad piano app on the app store now available

The most atmospheric piano on the Appstore.

get it here: Get it at the AppStore

Dec 4

Something fantastic is coming

Just saying.

Jun 22

Review: Cambox

Cambox is an IOS app that records video, chops it up where it finds silence, and then arranges it in a two by four grid so that you can play it as a drum machine. Whilst you play you see the video that does the playing.

This is so much fun.

I wish we thought of it.

A few good things with it is that you get instant gratification when you play. It is playable, the latency is low enough for me to ignore. The automatic slicing is so good I don’t care that I cant change it myself. Sharing on youtube and then further is brilliant, it will make all your fiends see your masterpiece.

It wouldn’t be a review without a few feature-request. I’d love to share my “drumkits” with my friends, and I’d also love to be able to recall them at a later date. Also, I would loove a quantize function to sort some of my crappy drumming out, se for yourself in this video:

Jun 18


I just saw Steve Keil’s TED talk about play in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is one of the lowest ranking countries in the world, when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. Steve Keil argues that it comes from being too serious. He says people who play are more social, creative and productive.

I can’t help but reflect on my old company TAT, where the head of our company had two responsibilities: Make sure the company is profitable, and make sure the employees have fun. Or else the board would fire her.

TAT was one of the most creative and respected firms in our business. The people at TAT continue to produce awesome results within RIM, the company that bought us late autumn, 2010.

I don’t feel guilt when I laugh out loud at the office. I recognize the similarity between humour and creativity.

At it’s most basic, humour is when two ideas collide in a new way. Like combining underwear and food. If a thong tastes like cherry, it’s kind of sexy and a good idea for a product. If it tastes like fish, its disturbing and funny. Humour and innovation are two sides of the same coin. Encouraging your crew to play and have fun is the same as training them in creativity.


Jun 2

Directly2facebook profile

Wouldent it be nice if we could have an app that starts the camera, takes a picture of you’re face and then uploads it as a profile picture to facebook?

May 30

PalmSprak sound’s

Here are some sounds from the PalmSprak app

PalmSprak teaser soundclip by Larsby

May 21



As you may have noticed there is a new page here on tinkerteam and for a product called PalmSprak.

It’s a totally new and revolutionary Sprak, with unicorns and stuff.

In may it’s only 99C/7kr whatever is the cheapest at your place, then afterwards we go up a level in price.

This introductory price is to celebrate PalmSounds, a blog about musical creation on small devices. Hooray PalmSound on your fifth birthday!

May 6

3frames app

I’m a big fan of and we could make an app that shoots a short video and then repeats it, just like threeframes, but in life, not from a movie!



Chances are, the thing that moved is the most interesting part of the picture. If so, you can write an algorithm that  locates the part that moves the most in a three frames shot, and add a gradient to help you focus on it.


This is the original shot, where we pretend the kid in the back moves the most.

We generate a gradient that is white where his face is, then it assumes the color of his face, then the exact opposite color on the other side of the color wheel, and finally black.

When the gradient is multiplied to the photo, it looks a lot better. Now the picture is not so messy. The gradient helps you focus on the most important thing.

If we automatically add filters like these, we could achieve some of the filmic attributes of the 3-frame-grabs that make the site so visually appealing. Sometimes it will be great. Sometimes it will fail miserably. But it will always be interesting. And I think this visual interest will appeal to the kind of arty types that would be interested in this type of novel photography.